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ARK Skin Protector SPF30 Primer Review & Offer

Posted on June 5, 2015


Hi Guys!

You may have seen this ARK Skincare primer pop up a couple of weeks ago in my Weekly Top 5 post, it’s such an interesting product I thought I’d put together a full review for you.

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of primers, I’ve been using and wearing makeup regularly since I was about 18, but I’ve only started using primers over the last few years. I’d always had pretty good skin and used to go out with nothing more that a tinted moisturiser but as I’ve gotten older, my skin has become dryer and requires a bit more effort to look after and maintain. I also found that as I started using higher coverage foundations they weren’t always sitting well on my skin.

And this is where primers come in! Forgive me if you know this already, but for those of you that aren’t familiar with primers and what they do, basically imagine your skin very close up, it’s full of pores and minute lumps and bumps. A primer basically helps ‘fill in’ these areas, and smoothes over any irregularities, giving a more even surface to apply your foundation to. Apart from helping to give a more flawless look, it also helps your foundation stay put.

There are many different types of primer available for different needs and different skin types. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, mattify your skin, minimise the appearance of pores or even out your skin tone, there’s a primer out there that will do the job! The most common type of primer contains silicone, which is fantastic for ‘filling in’ and creating a smooth base, but some people don’t like the way the silicone feels and sits on the skin (it doesn’t sink in) so if you’re not a silicone fan, ARK have something a little different on offer…


ARK’s Anti-Ageing Skin Protector Primer doubles up as a primer as well as sun protection with SPF 30 broad spectrum defence against UVA and UVB rays, which prevents sun damage and premature ageing. This primer does not contain silicone, yet it’s designed to leave skin looking flawless and has clinically-proven skin benefits. It utilises ARK’s Advanced Active Antioxidant system with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and extracts of Jojoba for daily defence against ageing.


This primer definitely stands out compared to the others I own! Firstly, because there’s no silicone in it, ARK’s primer looks and feels very different to the rest. It appears much like a moisturiser, but with a slightly thinner texture. When applied to the skin it sinks in nicely giving a weightless feel that also leaves skin velvety to touch. I’ve worn this quite a few times now, both under foundation and on its own, and it definitely helps my foundation last all day as well as evening out my complexion. If you’re looking for a light-weight base that improves skin texture, as well as offering sun protection, you should definitely try this!

ARK’s Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer is also on offer right now! If this sounds like it could work for you, now’s the time to snap it up here!

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear which primer you use?

This post contains press samples

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer & Beauty Confidential at House of Fraser

Posted on April 4, 2015


Hi Guys!

It’s nearly Easter and I officially have no Eggs. Not chocolate, nothing. Slightly off the point I know but all I can think of while I’m writing this is that I NEED chocolate – only something small though as I’m trying to be good, of course. So I’m about to go out and raid the Tesco Easter aisle – but before I do I thought I’d let you know about a fantastic offer House of Fraser has just started, and tell you all about the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer.


Ok so this is my first YSL beauty product in what feels like forever. Well actually since last August when I purchased the Fusion Ink Foundation which I adore. The Touché Éclat Blur Primer looks really interesting, it’s a clear silicone based primer, with tiny gold particles suspended in it. It’s just beautiful to look at, but I also don’t want to end up with a sparkly face. So let’s see how it performs…


This is what YSL has to say – ‘Yves Saint Laurent`s Touché Éclat Blur Primer is a light-infused primer that evens and smooth`s pores and fine lines helping your make-up last longer. This new generation primer combines an advanced technology to create an ideal canvas. The magic light of Touché Éclat in a transparent gel, free of dulling opaque filler, allows light to diffuse through optimally. A perfect complexion instantly illuminated, pores are visibly diminished, skin texture is smoothed and skin luminosity is boosted.’


The particles are super super tiny, this is the best shot I could get of them. But surprisingly even thought they’re suspended throughout the bottle, this does not translate to a sparkly face at all, Yay!


I’ve rubbed the product into my hand just so you can see how non sparkly it is. You can hardly see any of the particles, and can only just catch some of them in the right light. I’m wearing it now and I can tell you underneath foundation they are pretty much non detectable, but you are left with a more illuminated complexion. I’m really glad because this is definitely a fantastic primer. I’ve currently been using BD Trade Secrets Primer which is great, but this one easily tops it. The YSL Blur Primer just feels so much more luxurious – of course it is more expensive (£29.50) but definitely worth it in my opinion. It has such a light texture that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a primer, it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on the skin like some primers do. I haven’t had it on very long so I’ll report back later with my thoughts on if it’s helped my makeup last longer. I can tell you that it’s worked wonders on disguising my enlarged pores and left my skin with a lovely smooth finish.


And now onto the offer I mentioned! House of Fraser have just started their latest  promotion, where they’re giving you £10 off one your your favourite beauty products, when you buy one of theirs. It’s valid on 30 of their most popular products (including this YSL primer) and the offer will run from 02/04/15 – 19/04/15.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear what your favourite YSL product is? xxx

This post is in collaboration with House of Fraser.

My Top Picks From Neve Cosmetics

Posted on March 26, 2015


Hi Guys!

You know I love bright colours, and Neve Cosmetics really have hit the nail on the head here! I’ve got some fab products to show you today, including this amazing palette of rainbow eyeshadow shades, a brightening primer, coloured eyeliner pencil, concealer and illuminating powder.


The Intensissimi Eye Palette (£21.95) contains ten bright and bold eyeshadow shades, in a fantastic array of rainbow colours. I know this isn’t going to be everyone’s’ cup of tea, so it’s also worth noting they have other palettes available with darker colours, pastel shades and neutrals too. I love that the palette is a really good size, and the pans are massive so you definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to the amount of product included. The only improvement I’d add is a mirror in the lid!



And just look at the pigmentation! These colours rally are superb. They’re super soft, full of pigment and are easy to apply and blend too. The only palette I have that I can compare this too is the Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette, which is smaller in size but full of bright shades. I think the Neve palette comes out on top just because the pigmentation is that much better, though I’d still recommend the MUR palette if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.


I also have the Hide and Seek Concealer (£6.95) – this is a handy little pot of cream concealer that really does the job. It dries to a matte powder finish, and it’s also vegan, silicone and paraben free. I have the second lightest shade which is Light and it’s definitely fair enough for my neon white skin tone. I love the super matte finish it gives – there’s nothing creamy or shiny about this product at all. I’m currently using it to help disguise my under eye dark circles and it’s doing a great job!

The Illuminismo Face Powder (£9.95) is a gorgeous soft and silky weightless powder that highlights the complexion – it’s basically a loose powder version of MAC’s MSF’s. It’s perfect for creating highlights under the brows, on the cheekbones, or wherever you want your skin to catch the light. Again it contains no parabens and no silicones and it’s vegan and cruelty free. I have to say I really love the finish of this powder, it really is just like a MSF, but I think I’d prefer it in a pressed powder just for ease of use.

And the BioPrimer Brightening Primer for dull skin (£9.50) – this is another vegan, cruelty and silicone free product, promising a smooth finish to the skin with brightening properties to enhance a dull or dry complexion. This sounds just what I need right now! It’s formulated with nourishing argan oil, protective shea butter and moisturising aloe extract, so this primer aims to give skin a healthy and radiant finish. I love that it gives the slightest hint of illumination to the skin, I couldn’t capture it on camera unfortunately. It’s not sparkly or shimmery, but definitely illuminating and just makes your complexion look a bit brighter.


I’m really impressed with all of the products I’ve been using today, and I can’t get enough of the amazing eyeshadow palette. I’ve used some of the eyeshadow shades, and the Pastello Eyeliner Pencil in Turquoise (£3.95) in the waterline to creat a quick, fun and colourful eye look – what do you think?

Neve Cosmetics are available in the UK from  – do check them out, as I brand I think they’re definitely underrated! And I also have a previous post on their lip products here.

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

This post contains samples provided for review

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now…

Posted on February 25, 2015


Hi Guys!

I was in two minds about waiting to put together an end of month favourites, or whether to share some things that I’m currently loving today – but I thought where’s the fun in waiting!? So I’ve put together five things I’ve been really loving lately…

Flamingo Candles Rose & Marshmallow scented candle – £12.00. I LOVE Flamingo Candles, after stocking up on their winter scents in the sale – and I still have a couple of those candles left – I was completely ready for some fresh new spring scents, and then Flamingo happen to announce their brand new Spring collection, perfect timing! There are six fresh new scents availing now ranging from Raspberry & Salted Caramel to Green Apples – and I have Rose & Marshmallow, which is a beautiful light and sweet scent. I can imagine it won’t last me very long!

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Cashmere. I’ve been a big fan of Lime Crime’s Velvetines since they were released many moons ago (You can see my very old review of Pink Velvet here) Cashmere happens to be the shade on everyone’s want list at the moment though, it’s kind of a beige with a hint of grey – greige maybe? Anyway, I thought it was either going to look awesome, or give me ‘dead’ lips. Either way I really wanted it and ended up paying over the odds on ebay as it’s constantly sold out. (Also, there have been quite a few problems with Lime Crime lately, you should read about the recent hacking scandal if you haven’t already) So I wouldn’t have bought from their site anyway. So, it turns out Cashmere is actually an awesome colour, it’s really unusual and didn’t give me dead lips after all! I’ll have a full post coming up on it shortly.

Benefit  – £19.50. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that Roller Lash is Benefit’s latest hyped up product to hit the shelves, and I told myself I wasn’t going to buy in to the hype. I said I WOULD NOT BUY IT. But then… my family were all poorly, and on the way back from taking Fred to the out of hours doctors we stopped at the supermarket and there it was, free with Elle magazine, I was weak and in need of a treat, so I bought it. And I’m actually really glad I did. This mascara is perfect for my super short lashes, in both the formula and the size / shape of the wand, yippee! (Elle, on the other hand, was quite a let down, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many adverts in one mag)

BD Trade Secrets Flawless Primer – £9.99. BD Trade Secrets is the brand new and re-vamped Barbara Daly range which is exclusive to Tesco. To be honest, ‘Barbara Daly’ wasn’t that appealing as a brand, but BD, along with the name has also had a formula re-vamp across the range. I’ve tried a few BD products out and so far and the stand out one for me has definitely been the Flawless Primer. It has a thick silicone gel type texture and does a fantastic job of ‘filling in’ my face and creating a super smooth makeup base.

And lastly,  By Sali Hughes – £14.96. I got this book for Christmas, and I’m sad to say that I’ve just been so busy, I haven’t had time to just sit down and read it properly. But the good thing about this book, is it’s super easy to pick up and read snippets and sections whenever you feel like it, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Sali is just the most amazing beauty guru, there isn’t anything she doesn’t know and it’s all in this book. If you’re a makeup, skincare or general beauty fanatic like me, this is your bible and you need to purchase a copy now!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these products? Or what you’ve been loving lately?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains some samples provided for review

Makeup Revolution Eye Primer & Eye Dust!

Posted on September 25, 2014


Hi Guys!

I know it’s been a while since my last Makeup Revolution post so luckily for you I have another hit of MUR goodness for you today! 😀 I’ve got some gorgeous purple and brown autumnal shades to show you in the form of Eye Dusts, Single Eyeshadows, and the Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer.


So firstly, the , £3.00. This really is a super handy multi-use product. It is of course a primer to keep your eyeshadow in place, on your eyes and not falling down your face, which it does very well. But you can also brush Aqua Seal lightly on top of your finished eyeshadow to seal as well as waterproof your look. Nifty! (Yes I just said nifty…) The product itself is a clear liquid which is easily dispensed from the dropper style tube, and you only literally need a drop, so even though this is a small sized tube it should last you a very long time. What excites me most about this though is Makeup Revolution recommend mixing the Aqua Seal Eye Primer with their Eye Dust, to create an ‘unbelievable foil effect’ – well I couldn’t not give that a go…


So here we have it! On the left is the in Levity, a lovely bright mid toned purple, on it’s own, and on the right is the same product mixed with a drop of Aqua Seal. Just look how much more intense the colour comes out! It’s like having two completely different products! You can’t tell so well from this picture but the Eye Dusts also have a fantastic high shimmer finish, which looks especially awesome with the Aqua Seal combo!


I did the same with the Eye Dust in Confront, a gorgeous muted purple with a high shimmer finish, and got the same effect! This picture shows a better representation of the super high shimmer ‘foil’ finish.

Also, I should tell you a bit about the Eye Dusts – they’re SO finely milled, there’s not a hint of glitter, and they’re pretty much amazing like coloured icing sugar! And they’re only £1 each too! Result!!


I also have two gorgeous autumnal shades of in I Wont Be Alone (top) and Cappuccino (bottom) I really love both of these shades, but Cappuccino especially as it’s such an easy to wear colour.


I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all of these products, apart from the fact that they’re great cosmetics in their own right, the Eye Dusts and Eyeshadows are only £1.00 each, and the Aqua Seal is only £3.00, these really are budget cosmetics at their best!

I’d love to hear what you think? Have you tried any of these products? xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel Review

Posted on June 11, 2013

As soon as I heard Illamasqua was releasing their Illamasqua Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel I knew I had to have it. I’m prone to dry and sensitive skin so as soon as I heard the word ‘Rehydrating’ I was sold. I love Illamasqua products, and have recently been looking for some new skincare products such as moisturisers and primers… and it’s my birthday tomorrow too, so I thought it would be rude not to treat myself!

Illamasqua hydra veil rehydrating gel

So is it a primer? Is it a moisturiser?? Here is Illamasqua’s description – ‘Create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil’s instantly rehydrating, gel formula. Providing the optimal base for your make-up, apply before foundation with an Illamasqua Brush.’

Sounds to me like it’s a primer with moisturising ‘rehydrating’ properties. It sounds like the perfect primer for dry skin!

Illamasqua hydraveil

So, you open the jar, and there’s a cute little spatula waiting for you!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

The product is a clear glossy gel, with a wobbly texture, kind of like a wobbly jelly but slightly wetter if that makes sense!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Review

 The gel has a very light, pleasant scent – which I approve of as I don’t like strongly scented products.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

I put some on my hand to rub in (probably too much) but after a few moments it really sinks into the skin.

Illamasqua hydra veil gel

I also tried the product on my face (no pictures of this though I’m afraid, as my face looked just the same as with no product) You really do only need the tiniest bit, a little goes a long way! The product absorbed into my skin quickly, my skin definitely felt hydrated and smoother. When I applied my foundation on top it worked fantastically as a primer base – there was no flaking foundation in sight! I often get this on my forehead and around my nose as these are the driest places on my face, but these areas were dramatically improved. I would definitely recommend this as a primer for people with dry skin like me!

* Just as an added bonus, after you place three orders with , you receive a 10% loyalty discount off all future orders, how great is that! 🙂

Have you tried Hydra Veil? I’d love to hear your thoughts xx