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The End of My Spending Ban! And a Little Haul…

Posted on August 4, 2014


Hi Guys!

So you may or may not have known that I’ve been on a sending ban for the Month of July, it was really difficult to not buy any makeup at all but I did it! Obviously by the end of the month I was literally gagging to flex some plastic and treat myself so I went into Norwich on payday and bought a few bits! I had to go to the dentist anyway so I thought it’d be completely silly of me not to have a little look round the shops while I was there! So I met up with my BFF Kat and and headed into the city…

I had my heart set on Jo Malone and Tom Ford before we’d even left home so our first stop was, of course Jarrolds. We headed to Jo Malone first but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted so I let the assistant take the lead and help me, and guess what? I’m not gong to tell you what I bought! Ha ha! I’m going to save that for another post 🙂 Ohh what a tease I am! I did buy a couple of lovely things though and they’re just so amaze I wanted to write a post just for them. Don’t worry I’ll have it done in the next couple of days! 😉 Ok so after Jo Malone we stopped at Tom Ford and I had to drag myself away before I maxxed out my card, which I could have done very easily – no purchases there I’m afraid, not this time anyway. We then headed to Chapelfield where I popped in Superdrug and picked up one of the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stains, again all will be revealed all in another post but you can see from the picture which colour it is at least. I think I subconsciously went for this as I desperately wanted a Tom Ford lipstick and the packaging is kind of similar??

After a brief ‘is the baby coming right now?’ moment of panic with Kat who’s due on August the 11th, we then headed over to House of Fraser for a quick nose around and I found myself in the Yankee Candle section, funny that! They had a few new candles out, all with a distinct Autumnal feel which I wasn’t quite ready for yet. I’m still in full summer mode so I bought Pink Sands and Summer Scoop, which are both lovely summery scents. Summer Scoop especially caught my eye nose as smells just like strawberry ice cream. I did in the end also go for Amber Moon from the new Indian Summer collection, which again is lovely with scents of Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Kat then had to go home and I had a dentist appointment too at this point (the whole point of my trip into Norwich) and only after my appointment did I realise it was late night shopping, what a result!! So I headed back to Chapelfield for another look around and picked up some cleansing cloths from Boots as I seem to have lost all four of mine. H&M was my next stop as I always pick up every day basics from there such as their long vest tops which always come in a vast array of colours and I grabbed this awesome chain print tshirt, it was only £7.99 too, bargain! On the way back to the station I quickly stopped at Topshop for a peek and spotted these awesome pretty pink flats – I am partial to a pointed flat, and at only £16 it would’ve been rude to say no!

So that’s about it for my first spree of the month! I feel it was rather successful!

I hope you enjoyed my post and keep an eye out for my Jo Malone post coming up soon! xx

Pre-Summer All Weather Look

Posted on May 14, 2014

la redoute jacket outfit

Hi Guys!

I thought I’d put a little outfit look together for you today – and yes I know what you’re thinking, there’s nothing on the bottom half. I didn’t forget! My leg-wear of choice for this look would be a simple pair of black leggings. I did add them to the pictures but it just didn’t look right in the photos, so you’ll have to visualise they’re there!

I was trying to put together a look that suits the weather at the moment, I don’t know where you are but it’s been raining one minute here, then sunny the next. So the point of this outfit is a kind of all weather, pre-summer look.

la ferdoute jacket primark

I’m completely in love with this  Biker Style Blouson Jacket in Navy. It’s made of top quality faux leather, but really looks the part, and the best thing is it’s on sale at the moment and only £38.50, what a bargain!

The blouse underneath is my Nasty Gal Nude Sheer Blouse, purchased last summer. This top is so chic with it’s floaty volume and mini gold pyramid buttons. It also has a cut out section on the back which you can’t see. I’m yet to wear this but I’m hoping to bust it out this summer!

Of course no outfit would be complete without accessories! I’ve added a gold tone Primark Necklace, with some of my favourite Vita Fede Titan bracelets, and a stunning transparent bracelet with a gold tone lock I was gifted by a friend.

vintagde bag

My bag, I’ve had for years. This gorgeous cream quilted leather chain bag is vintage and was purchased from a local charity shop many moons ago.

ting ting boots

And finally these Ting Ting Fashion Mid Calf Buckle Detail Boots finish the look off – I know the buckles are silver and I did question them matching the rest of the outfit, but I quite like the contrast of the two different metals 🙂

I hope you like my look! I’d love to hear your thoughts xxx

Wearall Skull Cardigan OOTD

Posted on April 26, 2014

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re all having a great start to your weekend! I don’t have much planned for today except work and blogging, then I’m out this evening with the girls! I thought I’d leave you with a little OOTD including this awesome  cardigan from Wearall, I love it! I also have the cutest baby pink cat jumper from them too 🙂 xxx

wearall skull cardigan

skull cardigan

Throwback Dress – My Favourite Dress!

Posted on April 9, 2014

Hi Guys!

When I was ed by New Look to write a post about my favourite dress I thought this was such a great idea! Little did I realise it’s actually really tough trying to chose my favourite dress out of my wardrobe!

In the end I came to the decision that my favourite dress is my River Island black and white striped fitted dress. This is an awesome fitted dress, with black and white striped panels, and an exposed gold zip down the front. It was a complete bargain a few years ago from ebay. I started losing weight after my son was born and to motivate myself I bought some new, smaller clothes. I bought this size 10 dress for a fabulous £4 ( P&P obv) with the hope that I would one day get into it. I then lost 4.5 stones and it fitted me like a glove. I felt amazing.

(I must apologise for the sweaty brow and rather odd pose in the below picture, it’s the only one I could find of the dress, as you can tell I’m on a night out, and I was making some serious shapes on the dance floor!)

stripy dress_edited-1

I remember feeling awesome, invincible and just on top of the world that I got into this dress. I even wore heels for the whole night out, which is a real achievement for me – I always avoid heels because they make my feet hurt after about 5 minutes. I guess I had less weight on them then. I wore my heels and danced all night 🙂 Though I feel happy remembering these memories, this feeling is also tinged with sadness as I have since put all the weight back on, and more. I originally put a bit of weight on, then lost it for my wedding last September, and now I’ve put it on again, but this time I’ve put so much on I’m bigger than I ever was before. (sad face) On the side, this picture has really motivated me and I have now started eating more healthily, and cutting out the junk, so I’m on the right road to losing the weight (again) – hopefully I’ll keep it off this time!

In the mean time New Look have sent me this lovely floral panel dress – which does fit me! It’s so pretty and perfect for spring! I’m a complete sucker for pastels so this is right up my street 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t have anyone around to photograph me in it, so I thought I’d put a look together on the lounge carpet (sorry the carpet looks grubby, it is cream, honest!) This dress has a flared skirt, which is the perfect shape for me as I have fairly wide hips. It also has a pretty detachable necklace.

new look dress 2

My outfit consists of the New Look Parisian Pink Embellished Floral Panel Dress, Next Patent Sandals, Nasty Gal Studded Bag, MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick, a selection of Barry M Nail Polishes, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Summer Fragrance, and Chanel Vitalumiere foundation in Clair.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Casual Lace Swing Dress OOTD

Posted on November 13, 2013

Hi Guys!

In today’s outfit I’m wearing this gorgeous dress from Chique Clothes! I threw on these brown boots which I literally wear every day as they’re so comfortable, with the intention of having a couple of test photos then changing them for dressier shoes, but I actually really liked them so I left them on! I think wearing flat boots with a dress like this completely changes the look and makes it really wearable for day time.


The dress is in metallic silver with a lace finish and PU (leather look) short cap sleeves. I love the sleeves and really think they give the look a bit of an edge. I’m wearing the dress with bracelets from ASOS and Primark.



Do you like this look? How else would you style this dress? I’d love to hear what you think!

I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

OOTD Feat Biggley, ASOS & River Island

Posted on November 9, 2013

Hi Guys!

Tody’s outfit is one of my favourites yet! My cardi is by  from ASOS, I’d been lusting after it for a while and finally gave in and treated myself 🙂 I’m so glad I did. The top is by Cameo Rose and the shoes are by River Island (both from ebay) And my gorgeous ring pull silver necklace is from Biggley, you can’t see it too well here so I’ll be posting about it next week 🙂

asos neon cardi


asos neon cardi 2

asos neon cardi 3

As you can see I’ve tried to be a bit more experimental with my pictures, I’d love to hear what you think! xxx