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Soigne Botanique Macaron Nail Polish Collection | Review

Posted on July 25, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well do I have some pretty little treats to show you today! How absolutely sweet, gorgeous and pretty is this little nail polish set! I just happened to be a lucky monkey and won them in a Facebook competition the other week, yippee!!

It’s likely you won’t have heard of Soigne Botanique as they’re brand new kids on the blog. There are a few reviews popping up on the blogosphere now though so make sure you look them up! Also, they’re so new their  isn’t even up and running yet! Soigne wanted to give nail polish and beauty fanatics a little taster with this fab competition, and I’m definitely not left disappointed!

Here’s a bit more about the company –

SOIGNÉ nail polishes Contain up to 85% plant-sourced raw materials and free of harmful carcinogens. SOIGNÉ provides luxury, fashion forward nail colours with natural ingredients, and contemporary design. Created and manufactured in France.The superiority of the SOIGNÉ nail polish formula and the attention to detail are what makes SOIGNÉ unique – the experience is all encompassing luxury from start to finish.

SOIGNÉ offers the opportunity to own show-stopping, on-trend colours, with luxury and highly collectible, reusable packaging that you’d be proud to display on your dressing table. The SOIGNÉ Core Collection holds an array of cult classic neutrals as well as some show-stopping shades to add some serious colour to any outfit.


So this is the ‘Macaron’ collection, of course! Perfectly packaged in a baby pink quality cardboard box with gold detailing, on opening the box the polishes are hidden behind greaseproof paper (sorry that sounds very home ec’! I’m sure there’s a better word for it than that but I have no idea what that might be!) If you’ve ever bought a box of posh macarons you’ll know this is just like the sort of packaging they come in. And then on to the colours! You’re treated to five 10ml bottles in an array of stunning pastel shades, with one bright coral shade for good luck!


From left to right the colours are as follows – Pistache, Lavande, Caramel, Fruit de la Passion, and Petale de la Rose. I mean even the names a gorgeous!


All I can say is these colours are divine, you’ll want three coats for full opacity and I predict Soigne Botanique is definitely going to be big this summer! I can’t wait to see what other colours they come up with!

I hope you enjoyed my review xx

Sleek Del Mar Palette & More | Review & Swatches

Posted on June 16, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’ve got some awesome Sleek Makeup products to show you today! I have the Del Mar Volume 1 i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette, Bronze Block in Dark, and Gel Nail Polishes in Smokin’ Violet (purple) and Waikiki (orange)

sleek del mar palette

The Del Mar i-Divine Palette retails at only £7.99 which is an excellent price for 12 shadows, making them only 66p each! The Del Mar is the newest of the i-Divine range and it’s a Limited edition for Summer 2014, so make sure you snap one up now if you’re interested as they won’t be around for long!

If you hadn’t realised the theme of this palette is, of course, Ibiza!…

Get your summer off to a scorching start with our limited edition Del Mar Volume 1 i-Divine palette. Each shade is inspired by the tranquil, calm feel of Ibiza’s chilled out atmosphere, with soft coral oranges of the sunset, deep aqua blues of the sea and sublime greens of the picturesque view.


Top row L-R: Lounge Lovers, Poolside, Sunset Strip, Ambience, Chilled Out, Blue Marlin.

Bottom row L-R: Opening Party, On The Rocks, Talamanca, Feel Euphoric, Balearic Beat, Paradise.

The shadows are not quite as pigmented as they appear in the palette, but still offer a great pop of colour. If you’re not used to bright coloured shadows these may look a little daunting, but luckily you can wear them sheer or build them up to create more intense colour if required. I’ve put together a look with this palette which will be up on the blog tomorrow!


Here is the top row of shadows (swatched backwards as I start from my wrist) My favourite out of these has to be Blue Marlin, which is a gorgeous intense teal green, my least favourite is Chilled Out, it took a lot of application to make it look as white as it does on my arm, and it’s pretty chalky too.


Out of these swatches I love the gorgeous violet shimmer of Opening Party, and the vivid unusual colour of On The Rocks.




The Bronze Block in Dark is £ 7.49. It’s a fabulous bronze quad including a variety of shades which can be swirled and used together go create a bronzed glow, or used individually. This is a bit on the dark side for my pale skin but I still love the lighter shades of this bronzer.


And finally the Sleek Loves Gel Nails, (£4.99) in Stormin Violet and Waikiki. These are gorgeous bright colours which complement the Del Mar Palette beautifully for a bright summer look. The formula was thinner than other gel polishes I own, which I wasn’t expecting. It was easy to apply using the wide brush. One of my pet peeves is a skinny nail polish brush, so this was a pleasant surprise! Both colours applied easily and evenly and had a fantastic high shine finish.


So that’s about it for these gorgeous Sleek products,I’d love to hear which Sleek Makeup products you love?

Also don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see the look I created with the Del Mar Palette! xxx

Models Own Sun Hat Neon Nail Polish & 2emme Ring | Review

Posted on June 15, 2014

models own neon pink 2

Hi Guys!

I’m so happy I finally got my hands on a couple of the  nail polishes – ASOS had 20% off site wide for one day only the other week, so I quickly nabbed up Sun Hat (neon pastel pink) and Shades (neon pastel hot pink). They were originally £5 each so I paid £4 each with the discount. I also had next free day delivery with ASOS Premier – I’d definitely recommend signing up to this is you shop regularly at ASOS! 🙂

I was also sent this fab ring to show you from a brand new company called 2emme.

sun hat nail polish review

The Modes Own Polish for tans collection is definitely a must have for this summer, with each polish being a neon pastel shade to contrast with and enhance the colour of your tan! I don’t actually have a tan at the moment, and my skin is whiter than white, but I still love bright colours and I think this looks great!

polish for tans sun hat

You can get great coverage with one coat of this polish, but I’d recommend two coats for full opaqueness. I wore this for three days before removing and I had no chips at all.

ring closeup

Now on to my 2emme ring! I came across 2emme on Twitter when I saw them tweet about their rubberised rings, I thought they looked fab! This ring has three large diamante stones and a blue rubberised removable band. At first I thought it might be broken, then I realised the band of the ring was removable so you can cut it to size to fit whichever finger you like, which is really handy! Now i just need to pop a blob of glue on to stick it in place!

rubber and gem ring

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried the Models Own Polish For Tans collection and what you thought?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Newness! Folli Follie Jewellery & Essie Nail Polishes!

Posted on June 4, 2014

folli follie rose gold rings

Hi Guys!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, I was recently very lucky to be sent some gorgeous jewellery and nail polishes to show you, I have some stunning rings from Folli Follie, and some lovely Essie nail polishes, how exciting! It was like an early birthday present!! (FYI my birthday is on the 12th of June, please feel free to send cake!)

jewellery and essie

I have all the things a girl could need to make your hands and nails gorgeous and glamorous –

A Folli Follie Match & Dazzle Ring, Dazzling Ring and Elements Ring. Soap & Glory Hand Food, Essie Anti-Age Top Coat and polishes in Go Overboard, Not just A Pretty Face and Hors D’oeuvres.

folli follie rings and essie

I’m completely in love with these polishes, especially Go Overboard! It’s a gorgeous deep teal colour and only takes one coat to be completely opaque, it’s amazing! It has a fabulous glossy finish to it too (I didn’t use the top coat in the end) and it lasted a good few days without chipping! Happy days! 😀

essie go overboard review essie nail polishes

How gorge are these colours!? The Not Just A Pretty Face (pink) polish needed a minimum of two coats as it was fairly sheer, and Hors D’oeuvres (silver) looked great with two coats. I currently have this on my toes.

folli follie rings in hand

And just look at the jewelzzzz!!! Rose gold is definitely my favourite colour for jewellery, and these rings satisfy my jewellery cravings perfectly. I’m in love with the massive Elements cocktail ring. I’m definitely going to wear this when my other half takes me out for a special birthday meal… hint hint 😉

I’d love to hear about your favourite jewellery!?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Chrysler Ypsilon Vice vs Virtue Crazy Nails Challenge!

Posted on May 23, 2014

summer bright nail art

Hi Guys!

Today I have some crazy awesome nails to show you! This is for my next challenge in the Chrysler Ypsilon & Stylist Vice or Virtue Challenges!

If you missed my first challenge post make sure you check it out. You can also read all about what Chrysler are up to and join in the fun! Everyone is welcome to take part, so make sure you check out the challenges yourself! – I’d love to hear if you do any of them!

Chrysler have planned this fantastic campaign for their Ypsilon stylish 5-door city car. For those that don’t know – Ypsilon is actually the greek letter Y. The story goes that the trunk of the letter Y represents our youth and as we reach adulthood we make the choice of taking the path of either vice or virtue… and this is where the idea of the challenges originated from! Research by Chrysler Ypsilon has found that a number of us would love to take the route of vice, but life pressures and fears of what others may think is preventing us from being more daring. Chrysler Ypsilon has partnered with Stylist.co.uk to launch the Vice vs Virtue campaign to encourage women to step out of their daily routine and Dare to be different!

So this challenge was to go to a nail bar and choose a crazy design to celebrate summer. This is totally up my street, you’ve probably noticed I’m a big fan of bright colours, the louder the better!

I booked my last minute (ahem) appointment and arrived at my local salon. The beauty therapist asked what I was looking for? I asked her to make my nails as bright as possible – go crazy I said! Do whatever you like! She looked at me with a raised eyebrow like I was some sort of crazy person. (Me? As if!… I also happened to be wearing a neon yellow top, with a neon orange kimono – I’m hoping she was thinking I was eccentric rather than just nuts!) She seemed a bit apprehensive so I assured her whatever she did would be fine, and to take it as an opportunity to experiment! Maybe use my bright clothing as inspiration!?

crazy nail art

And this is what I ended up with! The most amazing neon pink nails, with bright yellow accent nails on the ring fingers, and neon stud details on my thumbs and ring fingers! The picture really doesn’t convey the intense brightness of these colours, the pink especially. With the combo of these nails and my outfit, you’d definitely need sunglasses to look at me!

brigth summer outift

I’ve included a shot of my full outfit, just so you can see how crazy bright I looked! I love it!! All I need now is a tan, a cocktail – and a holiday in a hot destination!!

This is definitely not the most daring of challenges (skydiving, anyone?) but it is fun, and it is exciting not knowing what I was going to end up with. You should give it a go – dare to be different! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit | Review

Posted on May 17, 2014

fuse gelnamel starter kit

Hi Guys!

For the last week or so I’ve been trying out Fuse Gelnamel’s Starter Kit. If you haven’t heard of it, Fuse Gelnamel is a completely new type of nail product. It’s a cross between standard enamel nail polish and a gel polish. The idea is that it dries in 30 seconds (with the finger lamp provided) and lasts for at least a week with no chipping.

It’s a pretty nifty compact set, the finger lamp is really small and works from the mains or from your laptop with the USB lead provided.

The application process is to be followed like this –

  1. Buff entire nail
  2. Wipe with cleanser
  3. Apply a thin coat of polish
  4. Cure for 30 seconds (lamp has an automatic timer)
  5. Wipe with cleanser – and you’re done!

So it’s a really simple, straightforward process, and everything you need for application is included in the kit.

fuse gelnamel review

The kit contains –

  • Fuse LED lamp
  • Fuse Gelnamel (10.65ml)
  • Cleanser
  • 12 lint-free wipe
  • Double sided nail buffer

It does not however, include any products for removal. I didn’t realise this until it was too late and I’d already painted my nails. I thought I’d just try my normal nail polish remover but it turns out I didn’t need to in the end as the polish peeled off really easily.

fuse gelnamel first coat

So this is what the first coat looked like on my thumb. I found the polish really thick and gloopy and difficult to apply, hence the uneven coverage. There also seems to be a few tiny bubbles on the nail, which I’ve never experienced before with enamel polish so I’m not sure what happened there! I decided to go with a second coat to make it look a bit more even. Following the recommended process above for each nail one at a time it turns out is actually fairly time consuming!

fuse gelnamel second coat

This is what the second coat looked like. It definitely looks better and more opaque. The coverage still isn’t as even as I’d have liked though. I think I’ll need to practice as I’m not used to applying polish this thick! Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that the instructions make a big point of saying you must apply the polish in thin coats – which is really difficult!

fuse gelnamel 1 week review

And this is one week later. The polish is still there and there’s no chips at all! So yay to that! The finish has dulled slightly and you can see where the tiny bubbles have appeared to have popped and worn through the second layer. This is obviously a close up scrutinised view though – to anyone else my nails looked absolutely fine, just maybe not as shiny as a true gel polish. Regarding removal, I’d heard this should easily peel off so I thought I’d try that before using my removed, and it worked a treat! It came off really easily in big pieces.

My final thoughts? Well I’m impressed that it lasted a week, I wasn’t too happy with the consistency of the polish, but maybe this is normal for gel polishes and I’m just not used to it? I’m definitely going to give it another go and see if I can get the hang of it!

The Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit is £35 from Boots, and the individual polishes are £15 each xxx

Makeup Revolution – The Purple Edit.

Posted on May 9, 2014

makeup revolution purple

Well hello purple!!

The gorgeous peeps at Makeup Revolution were recently so kind as to send me this fabulous little lot of goodies to review! After seeing my purple lipsticks post, they thought I might like another purple lipstick and maybe some extra purple makeups to add to my collection. Erm, you’re definitely my kinda people Makeup Rev’ Thank you so much guys!! If you haven’t heard of them, Makeup Revolution are the brand new kid on the block in beauty land, they’re on a par with MUA in terms of price, they stock a great range of products in an even greater range of shades, and are currently available online and at Superdrug.

depraved lipstick

So first up has to be this amazing Limited Edition Scandalous Lipstick in Depraved. It’s an intense cool violet purple, with a cream finish. As soon as I saw the colour I was like ‘WOW this is amazing!’ As you probably know I’m a big fan of purple lippies, and I have never seen a purple like this before. It’s such a striking and clean colour, I think I’m actually in love! I swatched first on the back of my hand and the formula did look fairly sheer, so I was a bit apprehensive, but on my lips it looked and felt fantastic! The creamy finish is just right so there’s no dryness or cracking on the lips, and it lasts a good few hours too before re-application is needed. This lipstick is also available in four other crazy colours, including blue and yellow. Oh and did I mention only costs ONE POUND. You really can’t go wrong with this.

depraved lipstick review

I really can’t get over the colour of that lipstick, but anyway on to the next product!

velvet lacquer

Next up is the Salvation Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer in Keep Lying For You. This is very similar to MUA’s Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer and fairly similar to Lime Crime’s Velvetine Lip Stain. This product is described as a lip gloss that goes on as a liquid and dries to a bold matte finish. And indeed it is! Just like the MUA product, this does not have a gloss consistency. The formula is thick and creamy rather than gloopy. It applies fantastically well and dries quickly to a comfortable matte finish. The colour is highly pigmented and did stay on the outer edges of my lips, but wore off fairly quickly on the centre of my lips after I’d had a brew. This is no biggie though as it’s only £3, so the price more than makes up for this. I would like to add that I have not done a ‘drink a cup of tea’ test with the MUA or Limecrime products, I’ll be doing this soon for comparison!

velvet lacquer review

And next onto the eyeshadows, I have two single eyeshadows in Blow Your Whistle (top) and Rave All Night. Blow Your Whistle is a cool blue-toned purple – the eyeshadow version of the Depraved lipstick really. And Rave All Night is a warmer purple, which coincidentally matches the Keep Lying For You Lip Lacquer. Both are highly pigmented and easily blendable. I swatched on the back of my hand and both colours applied well with very little fallout. Makeup Revolution stock a massive 46 shades of single eyeshadows, so there should be something for everyone!

makeup revolution eyeshadow swatches

And lastly the Nail Polish in Adore. This is only two coats, ONLY TWO COATS and it’s completely opaque! It also dried quickly and applied like a dream. I’m actually in nail polish heaven. I’ve only just put it on today though so I’ll have to come back with an update to let you know how long it lasts without chipping. There are also 40 shades to choose from, not to mention glitter colours, and they’re only £1 each! Amazing!!

adore nail polish review

So the conclusion??

Ok I’ll admit it, I am a makeup snob. I like expensive brands, I’m attracted to expensive brands and I believe I’m always getting a fantastic product for my money. Higher price equals a better quality product, yes?? Well not necessarily, and I have to say (as you can probably tell) these Makeup Revolution products have totally amazed and mesmerised me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so impressed with such a large range of different products from a single brand, and the fact that they’re all cheap as chips really is the icing on the cake! I love the fact that their complete product range includes over 300 items so there really should be something to suit everyone 🙂

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any Makeup Revolution products and what you think of them?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx