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Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Review

Posted on April 25, 2014

tanya burr_edited-1

Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to have my hands on  and  – which are a couple of gorgeous lip glosses from Tanya Burr’s new range! Vampire Kiss is a deep red with a creamy and fairly opaque finish and Afternoon Tea is a sheer pink with shimmering sparkles.

tanya burr lipgloss

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Tanya Burr, (seriously, where have you been?) she is a fabulous blogger slash you tuber, and definitely one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the country! She rose to fame buy showing us mere mortals how to apply our makeup and what products we should be using via her youtube vids. She does hold a special spot in my heart too, as she’s a local girl from my neck of the woods (Norwich in case you don’t know) 🙂 I have to say the girl has done well! Apart from being crazy uber famous, she now has her own range of lip glosses and nail polishes in Superdrug stores! The glosses are £6.99 and the nail polishes are £5.99, which are very reasonable prices too.

champagne toast applicator

vampire kiss applicator

Unfortunately I haven’t nabbed myself any polishes yet, but I do have two lovely glosses to show you!  is a deep red with a fairly opaque finish and  is a sheer pink with a hint of sparkle. There are a total of 12 glosses in the collection, which have both cream and sparkle finishes, so there’s something to suit everyone!

tanya burr lipgloss swatches

champagne toast review

vampire kiss review

You can see Vampire Kiss is a gorgeous mid red with great pigmentation, it’s not too deep a colour or intense, making it a fab wearable red. And Afternoon Tea is so pretty with it’s sheer pink colour and a hint of sparkle. this can be worn alone or on top of other lipsticks to add a different finish.

The gloss itself is a fabulous formula, it’s not sticky at all and it glides on like a dream! I would even go so far as to say these are some of the best glosses I’ve used! It lasts a good couple of hours too, which is fantastic, I’d definitely recommend you check these products out!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of Tanys Burrs range? I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

Purple Lipstick Comparisons and Swatches!

Posted on April 17, 2014

Hi Guys!

Finally I’ve gotten around to getting all my purple lipsticks together! 🙂

I have two main makeup bags, my day handbag with more than a handful of lipsticks in at any one time, oh and a dressing table full of makeup! So everything is usually mixed up and misplaced most of the time! (I know I really need to get organised) Anyway I finally got all my purples lippies together and was quite surprised to find I actually have six! I could’ve sworn I only had a couple! (I actually realised after writing this that I in fact have seven, and I I’ve lost one as well, oops) Purple lipsticks can be a bit hit and miss for me, wether it’s in terms of colour payoff of formula, so I thought I’d swatch and compare them all for you so you can see some of what I consider to be the best!

purple lipsticks comparison

purple lipstick comparison

mac hellraiser lipstick

So first up we have Hellraiser by MAC. This was from the 2010 Dazzle Lipstick collection. It is a ‘darkened mauve-plum with bluish-silver glitter’ and has a sheer finish. Considering this is packed full of micro glitter, it actually has a fantastic formula and feels comfortable to wear. I know that next to the lipsticks above this looks pink, but it is actually a purple! I love the iridescent effect this lipstick has.

mac go for it

Go For It is from MAC’s In The Groove collection from 2010, it’s a Cream Sheen colour. When I first bought this lipstick, it was my first experience of the Cream Sheen formula, and I was disappointed with how sheer it was. obviously though it’s meant to be sheer, the clue is in the name!! I haven’t used this lipstick for a long time, and trying out again has actually made me view it in a new light – I really like it now! I usually go for more opaque colours, so this is a nice lighter option which I think will be great for the coming summer.

maybelline lavender voltage lipstick

I came across this on ebay when I was searching for purple lippies to add to my collection, as soon as I saw this I HAD TO HAVE IT. It’s the most perfect purple I’ve ever seen. It’s opaque enough without looking to heavy, and it has a fabulous creamy formula. Unfortunately this colour isn’t available in the UK for some reason, and it’s a limited edition colour, so if you’re interested in buying one I’d grab one now while you can! Also – I bought a purple Maybelline gloss to go with this, the review of this will be up on the blog shortly. You can check out the lipstick post here.

mac violetta

MAC’s Violetta was definitely only my favourite purple lipsticks before I discovered Heroine. Violetta is a gorgeous purple with an Amplified Creme finish. It was originally released in the Venemous Villains collection and has been re-released a couple of times since, and now lives permanently in the Pro range. Usually I stay away from frosts but I actually really like this one! This colour is very easy to wear.

mac heroine

MAC’s Heroine is new to the market and completely awesome! It is a bright purple lipstick in a Matte finish. Due to the matte finish, the colour is very intense and striking, which I love! The formula is fab for a Matte as it doesn’t dry my lips out and is comfortable to wear all day. You can check out my review here.

sleek exxxaggerate

Exxxaggerate by Sleek is a good dupe for MAC’s Heroine, it’s not spot on but it’s the best I’ve seen. The colour isn’t quite as intense as Heroine, and the formula is definitely not as creamy, it’s still a great lipstick though and at a third of the price of MAC, I’d definitely recommend Sleek for lipsticks. I have another MAC / Sleek comparison here if you want to check it out 🙂

So that’s it! What do you think? Are you a fan of purple lipstick? xxx

Coming Soon… MAC Playland Collection

Posted on April 7, 2014

Hi Guys!

This is just a quick post to show you some preview images of MAC’s Playland Collection which is due to be released in the UK in May. I think this collection of eye-popping bright colours will definitely be well received… I’m not too sure about the yellow lipstick yet though!



Chromagraphic Pencil Collection

  • Process Magenta – Magenta
  • Genuine Orange – Orange
  • Hi-Def Cyan – Cyan blue
  • Black Black – Blackest black



Casual Colours

  • Hi Jinks! – Coral
  • Young at Heart – Shocking pink
  • For Your Amusement – Light milky pink


Lipstick Collection

  • Red Balloon- Creamy hot fuchsia
  • Happy go Lucky- Creamy hot pink
  • Toying Around-  Creamy hot coral pink
  • Sweet Experience- Creamy but bright pink
  • Playland- Frosty yellow gold
  • Head In The Clouds- Frosty mid tone red


Lipglass Collection

  • Leave it Up – Creamy orange
  • Lots of Laughs –  Creamy light peach
  • Pure Silliness – Creamy lilac
  • Carousel – Creamy bright pink
  • Brightside –  Creamy yellow



Pigment Collection

  • Hi-Def Cyan – Cyan blue
  • Ne0 Orange – Neon salmon
  • Golden Olive – Green gold
  • Ever So Yellow – Pale yellow

What do you think, do you have your eye on anything from this collection? xxx

My Weekend Shopping Haul! Primark & Yankee Candles

Posted on April 2, 2014

Hi Guys!

I had such a lovely day on Saturday, I went into Norwich with my friends for a spot of lunch and a look round the shops, with the intention to buy gifts for another friend’s baby shower that evening. Well it would be crazy to go to the shops and not take a proper look around right? We stopped at Cath Kidston as one friend wanted a bag in the sale, which was unfortunately out of stock. As we walked into the shop though, we were asked if we would like a banana (?) Erm yeah ok!? And we were each given a banana with a Cath Kidston sticker on as told to get in the queue as we could win a prize. Woo! So there we waited in the massive queue clutching our bananas in hope. We got to the till and found out we’d both won a £5 voucher, result!

So next up was Primark, which I love even though it’s a complete jumble sale and it was crazy busy and really stuffy! I always go straight for the jewellery as they often have some nice pieces in there. I also checked out their makeup, with nail polishes and lipsticks at £1 each, and an eye palette at £2.50 I thought they were definitely worth a go! So I’ll be reviewing these shortly for you. I don’t have my hopes up that they’ll be amazing but you never know!

After Primark we went to a few other shops to stock up on baby essentials, and ended up at House of Fraser. Again I couldn’t come all this way without at least checking out the candles! I’ve only recently started getting into candles as I bought this set uber cheap in the sale at Space NK. I’ve been looking into all the popular brands but couldn’t decided what to go for. I decided I really needed to follow my nose and smell some candles in real life to see what I liked before just buying some willy nilly! After lots of sniffing I ended up going with two small jar candles in Vanilla Lime and Turquoise Sky, and a sampler candle in November Rain. I loved the richness of the Vanilla Liime, and the other two smelled very natural and fresh – again reviews will be up shortly!

After our long day at the shops, we came home to prepare the baby shower goodies in a decorated crate, and stock up on party food. Then off to the baby shower! It was such a fun night, Claire’s mum did an amazing job of decorating the house and creating baby themed cakes and snacks. We played games including who can drink the juice from the baby’s bottle the fastest, pass the dummy (with no hands and just straws in our mouths) and my personal favourite ‘Nappy Surprise’ where we had to guess which chocolate bar had been melted in 10 nappies, you can imagine what that looked like!

And with the next day being mothers day, I had a fantastic weekend! Shame it didn’t last longer though! (Ps – I’ve decided to change things around a bit and add the images below the post this time, let me know if you think this works or if you’d prefer them in with the text like I usually do) xxx

primark haul

primark nail polish

primark eyeliner

primark eyeshadow palette

primark glimmer compact

primark haul jewellery

primark jewellery

yankee candles

MAC Nude Lipstick Comparisons and Swatches

Posted on March 26, 2014

Hi Guys!

I’ve been sorting through my makeup and I thought I’d show you my MAC nude lipstick collection, a few of you on Twitter said you’d be interested to see this post so I’ll try to make is as informative as possible! I have quite a few nude lippies and they do look fairly similar on first glance, so for those looking to purchase their first MAC – at £15 a pop now, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the right choice! So, I’ve included swatches for you, on my arm and lips, and descriptions of each lipstick. I’ve also thrown in one of my favourite budget lipsticks for comparison too…

mac nude lipstick comparison_edited-1

mac nude swatches_edited-1

mac nude lipsticks swatches_edited-1

So above are my collection of (mostly) MAC nude lipsticks swatched on my arm, I’ve included two pictures as they’re in slightly different lights. And yes the centre lippy is MUA not MAC 🙂

mac angel review_edited-1

First up we have Angel by MAC. Angel is described as a ‘soft pink’ so I guess technically it’s not a nude? I don’t know! I call a nude anything that’s similar to your own lip colour – please let me know if I’m wrong there! Anyway, Angel is a pretty, girly pink, it has a Frost finish so it’s not completely opaque but just gives you a sheer veil of colour. It’s an easy colour to wear and has a lovely creamy formula.

mac hue 2_edited-1

MAC’s Hue is one of my favourite nudes, it’s a ‘soft pale pink’ shade, and has a Glaze finish. I love the colour of this as it lightens the natural colour of my lips slightly, the only bad point to this one is if my lips are on the dry side this lipstick does emphasise my dry skin.

mua bare lipstick_edited-1

As far as many are concerned, MAC is the holy grail cosmetics brand for lipsticks. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree as I do own quite a few MAC lipsticks and love most of them, but it’s always good to remember there are loads of brands available on the high street now, and most are cheaper than MAC and just as good.

Now considering this MUA budget lippie is definitely the odd one of the group, costing only £1 – I have to say I actually love this lipstick! It feels so creamy and smooth on application, if I had my eyes closed I could mistake it for a lip balm. Also I love the colour, admittedly, the colour doesn’t last as long as MAC’s but at only £1 you really can’t go wrong with this one. Just think, you could buy 15 of these for one MAC lipstick!!

mac honeylove review_edited-1

MAC’s Honeylove is a ‘light beige toned with rose’ with a Matte finish. I tend to wear this one in the summer when I’m a bit tanned (or fake tanned) with some lipgloss on top, as it definitely suits my skin when it’s darker. Again a lovely colour with a gorgeous Matte finish.

mac myth review_edited-1

Myth, | think personally is a bit too light for me, it’s a ‘light neutral nude’ with a Satin finish. I’ve mixed it with other colours before to make my own shade of lipstick, but I don’t really wear this alone. If you have the right skin tone for this colour though it can look great! Because it’s a satin finish it’s really comfortable to wear too.

So there you go! I hope this has been helpful and given you some food for thought? Expensive isn’t always best! 🙂

I’d love to hear if you have any of these lipsticks and what your favourite nude colour is? xxx

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Neon Red Lipstick Review

Posted on January 5, 2014

Hi Guys!

As you may know, the other day I took advantage of Boots’ 3 for 2 offer and treated myself to a couple of Maybelline Kohl Liners and this Color Sensational lipstick in Neon Red.

maybelline coloursensation al lipstick review

This colour instantly jumped out at me as it was so vibrant and bright. I have a few red lipsticks but they are either more of a ‘true’ letter box red, or deeper burgundy reds. This is more of an orangy tomato red, with a fantastic intensity and shine.

maybelline colour selsational lipstick

I couldn’t find too much information online about these lipsticks, Maybelline describes them like this: ‘Exclusive vivid colours are brighter – Honey nectar formula nourishes lips’ And that’s about it! The Vivid range of Color Sensational Lipsticks includes loads of gorgeous bright colours, I’d really like to try Brazen Berry too, which is a bright purple 🙂

maybelline neon red lipstock swatch

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this lipstick as I don’t like to get my hopes up, especially with a brand I have been disappointed with before. Surprisingly though I was very impressed! This lipstick was a dream to apply, it has a very smooth and creamy texture, like nothing I’ve tried before in fact. The texture was verging on a gloss, but without the stickiness. The colour applied true to how it appears in the bullet, and had fantastic pigmentation and staying power.

maybelline neon red lipstick review

I usually shy away from orange hues, but I love this lipstick! It’s just the right shade of red-orange for me 😉

Have you tried Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks?

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Funny Face Review

Posted on December 7, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is a review of NARS Semi Matte  in Funny Face. I already have a NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl (a bright red) which I love, it’s definitely my favourite matte lipstick – but mattes do tend to be drying on the lips due to the high pigmentation. So I thought I’d try out a semi matte to see how it would feel…

nars lipstick box

This lipstick was £18.50 from ASOS, and arrived in a black NARS box.

nars lipstick case

The lipstick casing has a lovely velvety soft matte rubberised feel, if you own NARS products you’ll know what I mean!

nars semi matte lipstick

The lipstick itself is a beautiful intense fuchsia pink. The colour has a slight iridescence to it, which I think makes it more of a wearable day to day colour than if it was a full on matte shade. The colour is rich and opaque, and If you like bright lips like I do I think you will love this!

nars funny face review

I would say this is on a par to the Velvet Matte Pencil, but for someone with dry lips like me, I’d say this is actually a better formula. Some lipsticks cling to dry skin and emphasise it, which the Velvet Matte Pencil tends to do, but this Semi Matte lipstick didn’t at all. It felt comfortable to wear and lasted a good few hours before I needed to re-apply. Also there was no bleeding, which is often a problem with more intense colours.

nars matte lipstick

If you’re a lipstick lover looking to treat yourself beauty gift this christmas (as I have) I’d definitely recommend you give this lipstick a try! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx