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An Introduction to Boodles…

Posted on April 28, 2014

boodles million pound necklace

Hi Guys!

Today I want to tell you all about Boodles Jewellery! If you haven’t heard of Boodles, they are one of Britain’s leading fine jewellery houses who are known for unique designs, quality and exceptional customer service. Boodles have just launched their amazing million pound necklace which was showcased recently on Channel 4. The Greenfire necklace is a stunning work of art featuring 46.20 carats of cushion-cut Colombian emeralds and 17.38 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds all set in platinum – wow!! You really must click on the link so you can watch the Channel 4 feature, I started watching it and got completely sucked in!

Boodles is dedicated to creating exquisite and stunning high quality fine jewellery collections, creating elegant and forward thinking designs using the world’s finest diamonds and precious gem stones. They have so many amazing luxury gift ideas, that are perfect for special occasions – I’ve put together a little wish list of some of my favourite pieces. Ahh a girl can dream… 🙂


  1. Ashoka Datia Diamond Earrings
  2. Maymay Tulip Pendant
  3. Large Roulette Bracelet
  4. Limited Edition Waterfall Ring
  5. Waterfall Drop Earrings
  6. Blossom Classic Bracelet

To see an amazing piece of Boodles jewellery being made by hand, check out this video –

Do you own any gorgeous fine jewellery? I’d love to hear if you do!

I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

Urraca Vintage Kaleidoscope Bracelet

Posted on April 22, 2014


Hi Guys!

I hope you’ve had a fab Easter and bank holiday, back to the grindstone now hey! (At least it’s not too long till the next bank holiday!) I have a lovely piece of jewellery to show you today – I was completely over the moon last week when Urraca Vintage offered to send me one of their amazing Kaleidoscope bracelets to share with you guys…

irridescent bracelet

Firstly here’s a bit more info about Urraca Vintage –

Each unique piece of Urraca jewellery has a story to tell….

We take timeless, beautiful and interesting details from vintage and antique jewellery dating from the 1800´s through to the 1990´s and juxtapose them to create pieces reborn with show stopping charisma and contemporary appeal while still reflecting the history and multitude of eras from which they were born.

Much of our time is spent searching for treasured items and each piece has been hand picked for its character, style and versatilty. We then transform these little gems and give them a new lease of life to create mesmerising ensembles that will seduce those that seek individuality.

The beauty of jewellery is that it can compliment the body as well as enrich an outfit whatever the occasion. The Urraca range embraces this with a selection of unisex statement body chains for those attention grabbing moments, intricate necklaces for every day wear, our ´Kaleidoscope´range of eye catching bracelets as well as whole host of other stand out from the crowd accessories.

irridescent packaging

The package arrived in a printed cardboard box and inside was the bracelet wrapped in some awesome iridescent wrapping paper, and an original vintage black and white photo with the Urraca Vintage logo printed on the back, this was such a lovely personal touch 🙂 And not to go into it too deeply, but this photo of a mother and her children enjoying the sunshine was once someone’s memory… maybe once treasured, maybe lost, or just forgotten about. I find it very thought provoking.

urraca bracelet

That’s enough about the packaging, just look at the bracelet! How gorgeous is this!? You know I’m a sucker for anything holographic or shiny so this is right up my street!! Here is my exact bracelet if you’d like to check it out.


The stone catches the light and reflects different colours depending on how you look at it, I’m mesmerised!! I definitely have my eye on Urraca’s vintage jewellery now, the Cascading Necklace is gorgeous!

What do you think? Do you love this bracelet as much as I do!?  xxx

My Gorgeous Argento Bracelet

Posted on April 16, 2014

Hi Guys!

Today I have the prettiest charm bracelet to show off to you! Argento kindly sent me this gorgeous Charmed T Bar Carrier Bracelet, in sterling silver. It also came with a free disco ball charm! Bling bling!! 😀

argento box

argento bracelet

This is kind of a late Mothers Day treat for myself! I chose a Charmed Love Love Love Locket to add to the bracelet as I thought I could put pictures of my little boy and husband in there (aww!) Clever me got some photos printed but they all came out too big! So rather than squeeze half a face in there I thought I’d just show you the bracelet as it is 🙂

argento charms

The ‘Charmed’ charms a just fantastic, Argento hold a massive selection so there’s something for everyone, and none of them cost over £30 which is amazing!

argento locket

See how dinky this is! I love that it’s a proper locket that opens up! I’ll update this post soon when I manage to sort the photos out!

Do you have any special jewellery? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

My Weekend Shopping Haul! Primark & Yankee Candles

Posted on April 2, 2014

Hi Guys!

I had such a lovely day on Saturday, I went into Norwich with my friends for a spot of lunch and a look round the shops, with the intention to buy gifts for another friend’s baby shower that evening. Well it would be crazy to go to the shops and not take a proper look around right? We stopped at Cath Kidston as one friend wanted a bag in the sale, which was unfortunately out of stock. As we walked into the shop though, we were asked if we would like a banana (?) Erm yeah ok!? And we were each given a banana with a Cath Kidston sticker on as told to get in the queue as we could win a prize. Woo! So there we waited in the massive queue clutching our bananas in hope. We got to the till and found out we’d both won a £5 voucher, result!

So next up was Primark, which I love even though it’s a complete jumble sale and it was crazy busy and really stuffy! I always go straight for the jewellery as they often have some nice pieces in there. I also checked out their makeup, with nail polishes and lipsticks at £1 each, and an eye palette at £2.50 I thought they were definitely worth a go! So I’ll be reviewing these shortly for you. I don’t have my hopes up that they’ll be amazing but you never know!

After Primark we went to a few other shops to stock up on baby essentials, and ended up at House of Fraser. Again I couldn’t come all this way without at least checking out the candles! I’ve only recently started getting into candles as I bought this set uber cheap in the sale at Space NK. I’ve been looking into all the popular brands but couldn’t decided what to go for. I decided I really needed to follow my nose and smell some candles in real life to see what I liked before just buying some willy nilly! After lots of sniffing I ended up going with two small jar candles in Vanilla Lime and Turquoise Sky, and a sampler candle in November Rain. I loved the richness of the Vanilla Liime, and the other two smelled very natural and fresh – again reviews will be up shortly!

After our long day at the shops, we came home to prepare the baby shower goodies in a decorated crate, and stock up on party food. Then off to the baby shower! It was such a fun night, Claire’s mum did an amazing job of decorating the house and creating baby themed cakes and snacks. We played games including who can drink the juice from the baby’s bottle the fastest, pass the dummy (with no hands and just straws in our mouths) and my personal favourite ‘Nappy Surprise’ where we had to guess which chocolate bar had been melted in 10 nappies, you can imagine what that looked like!

And with the next day being mothers day, I had a fantastic weekend! Shame it didn’t last longer though! (Ps – I’ve decided to change things around a bit and add the images below the post this time, let me know if you think this works or if you’d prefer them in with the text like I usually do) xxx

primark haul

primark nail polish

primark eyeliner

primark eyeshadow palette

primark glimmer compact

primark haul jewellery

primark jewellery

yankee candles

OOTD Featuring Slinkylinks Jewellery

Posted on February 28, 2014

Hi Guys!

I realised I’ve been doing a fair few review posts lately, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve done an OOTD post, so I thought I’d show you what I’m wearing today! Rather than dressing up so to speak, this look is a general day to day outfit (with a bit more makeup for photography purposes!) It’s a casual look I’d wear to work or just for popping out to the shops in 🙂

slinkylinks 5_edited-1

My cardi is from ASOS, I love it and wear it all the time as it’s big and baggy and comfortable. My vest is from H&M – I own zillions of these in different colours, they’re just so easy to throw on and go with anything, and my awesome new necklace is from SlinkyLinks Jewellery.

slinkylinks 2_edited-1

Sorry for the grumpy face, ha ha!

slinkylinks 3_edited-1

How cool is this necklace? (I’m wearing the Loop Statement Necklace made in black reclaimed patent leather) I love it because it’s definitely a statement piece, yet it’s classic and can be worn with so many different looks. All jewellery at Slinkylinks is handmade from reclaimed lather, so it’s great for the environment, and I love the thought that somebody has sat down and taken time and effort to plan the design and create each piece of jewellery personally with their own hands. The necklace has a handmade touch whilst being of professional quality and finish.


Another one of my favourites from the SlinkyLinks Etsy store are these super cute fox brooches 🙂 I wish I had the creativity / time / knowhow to create things like this!!

If you like the look of this fab jewellery, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a a new giveaway coming up next month!

Hope you have a great Friday! xxx

Shourouk – Where Jewellery and Purses Collide!

Posted on July 25, 2013

Hi Guys!

Lately I’ve been coveting EVERYTHING Shourouk creates, their jewellery is simply to die for! And now I’ve finally got my mitts on this amazing Crystal Embellished PVC Clutch!

You may remember my previous post featuring Shourouk, I can’t get enough of it – the jewels, the rainbow neon colours, it takes the phrase ‘statement jewellery’ to another level and just offers everything I want from a piece of jewellery. You really should check out Charm and Chain and Net-a-Porter for their pieces, the prices may be on the steep side but they do sell the most fabulous pieces!

Shourouk bag

Shourouk 2


Shourouk clutch


Shourouk Transparent Cluthc Bag

I can’t wait to wear this baby out!! Do you like neon statement jewellery? What do you think of Shourouk? xxx

Charm and Chain – Neon Heaven

Posted on June 6, 2013

I think I may have died and gone to jewellery heaven.

Have you ever heard of Charm and Chain? They’re only the most amazing luxury fashion jewellery retailer I am yet to discover! In their own words – ‘Charm & Chain offers an ever-evolving selection of jewelry from the seasonal and classic collections of nearly fifty designers, unparalleled access to the very best and latest trends in fashion jewelry, and a broad and comprehensive selection of styles to address the variable tastes of stylish women everywhere.’

I’m now in love with Shourouk, Assad Mounser and Tom Binns.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a jewellery store before where I want every single item!

Check out these gorgeous neon pieces! What do you think?


Visit Charm and Chain for more jewellery goodness! xx