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Gucci Premier EDT | Fragrance Review

Posted on August 19, 2014


Hi Guys!

I know at the moment there’s one particular perfume that everyone’s raving about, you know, the one with the flowers on the bottle? I won’t say what it’s called. But I’ve got another gorgeous perfume to show you that definitely should not be overlooked, this is .

“Gucci Première celebrates the star in every woman. Whether she is holding court at a film opening or business meeting, all her moments are golden. She turns as many heads in an impeccably tailored suit as a couture gown. Grace sits with attitude, beauty with power. She enjoys her achievements and wears her authority with ease. Wherever she finds herself, she is met with admiratione. She is a modern icon.”

So yeah, this is pretty much made for me then! 😉 If you’re interested to hear about the notes, I must tell you I found this info online! I’m still learning my voice when it comes to note descriptions, so I lii leave you with the experts on this one!…

TOP: Bergamot, orange blossom; The fragrance opens with the luxury and exuberance of a vintage champagne. A burst of effervescent bergamot fused with feminine and celebratory orange blossom conveys the heady excitement of the red carpet entrance.

HEART: White flowers, musk; At the scent’s core nestle the brilliant white flowers of an intense bouquet, laced with a magnetically sensual modern musk. The timeless allure of the leading lady, the perfect balance of sensuality and power, inspires a collective captured breath.

BASE: Leather, wood; The fragrance’s warm and indulgent foundation rests in a beguiling cocktail of subtly smoky leather and creamy balsamic woods that epitomises absolute glamour.

Gucci Premier is the perfect evening fragrance, it’s a lovely white floral scent that lasts for hours, I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it?

This post contains a sample provided for review