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Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks | Review

Posted on October 28, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well another week, another new release from Makeup Revolution! Don’t act surprised! 😉 This time it’s . There are eight chunky sticks to choose from in this collection, including four shimmer / sheer shades and four matte shade equivalents…


On the above picture on the top row we have Malibu, Dream, Pink and Rush, and the bottom row Matte Malibu, Matte Dream, Matte Pink and Matte Rush. The One Blush Stick collection includes a great range of completely different colours, and with each shade having a matte option too there should easily be something to suit everyone!


The One Blush Sticks are £5 each, and I’ve heard that they’re comparable to NARS Multiple’s which are £30 each! I don’t have a NARS Multiple to compare I’m afraid so I can’t tell you myself, but if you take a look at the NARS site you’ll see they do look incredibly similar! If the product is similar too, then these really are a complete bargain. I anyone knows for sure please let me know!


Above top row are the standard Blush Sticks and the bottom row are the Matte Blush Sticks.


On to the swatches! Here are the standard (shimmer) Blush Sticks. I love the first shade, Rush, it’s a sheer coral shade that’s super pretty and I think it will suit most skin tones. Pink is a bit more daring in shade and pigmentation, and Dream looks like maybe more of a highlighter to me? It does have a hint of shimmer and I think it’s probably too light for a blush, but again this will depend on your skin tone and the look you’re going for. Malibu is quite dark with a hint of shimmer too, this would definitely work well for darker skins.


And the matte shades – wow! How totally intense and pigmented are these!? Don’t forget, these are swiped directly on my arm to show you the full potential of the shades, you wouldn’t wear them like this! (I hope!) All the shades are super blendable so you only need a tiny amount to start with and you can easily build up the colour as required. Again Rush is my favourite here (I have a thing about coral shades) and I think Malibu could be used as a contour with a really light hand – I’ll have to give it a go and let you know how I get on!

I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve tried these?

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

My Favourite Blushers | Guest Post

Posted on July 19, 2014

Hey loves,

My name is Victoria and I blog over  Thank you to Michelle for allowing me to guest post on her fabulous blog. Today let’s talk about two of my favourite blushers, one from high end and one from the drugstore.


When it comes to blusher I am a very fussy lady. I don’t love pink shades due to my cheeks having a pink undertone. I find that pink blushers enhance my pores and make me look very doll like.


Let’s get talking about the blushers. Makeup Revolution have quite literally taken everyone by surprise and keep knocking out fantastic products. My good friend Shannon Wilson sent me a parcel of treats and goodies and this blush was included. I did not think I would love it at all. It is so pigmented but you can get a light flush look by gently tapping your brush into the blush without going 80’s glam on your brush. I think a huge factor into changing my mind on the colour was how well it blended out and didn’t look straight up pink on me. What I was shocked about the most was the longevity of the blush on my cheeks. It lasted all day and didn’t separate once. The packaging is basic and not special but the product has converted me to looking at pink blushers in a different light.

When I went to Cardiff at Christmas I forgot to take a blush on my overnight trip. Did I need one? No but hey it was Christmas. I was browsing around Debenhams and drifted to the Illamasqua counter. Immediately I thought ok let’s splurge. I tried a few shades before my eyes went to Lover. When I say holy grail product I mean it with this baby. It is the most perfect peach blusher in the world. It is seriously pigmented, buttery to touch, blends like a dream and looks gorgeous on my fair skin. Just perfect. It stays put all day and I have often used it as a transition shade on my eyes. It was however £18 which is expensive.


As you can see from the pictures both blushers are gorgeous and year round friendly. I don’t tend to stick with trends for makeup. I wore MAC Diva just last week.

I hope you liked this post. Please feel free to pop over to my blog and have a read.

Have a wonderful day,

Victoria xox

Thanks so much for guest posting for me Victoria! If anyone else is interested in guest posting please email me at [email protected] xxx